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School bullying is a type of premises liability claim. Owners of a premises have a duty of care to keep non-trespassers safe from harm while on their premises. Children are a vulnerable population, so extra care should be taken to protect them. But Many schools fail their students in this aspect. Parents of the other children involved in the bullying often dismiss the concerns of worried parents. Whether you are filing a suit against the school’s insurance, the school for a tort claim, or the parents of the aggressive child, I will ensure you get what is right for you and your child.

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  • Knowledgeable – Attorney Eric Blank and his team are well-informed about bullying. Blank has practiced law for over 23 years and is the father of two young children. An alarming number of parents of bullied children have sought the help of his firm, which troubles him on a professional and personal level.
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  • Caring & Compassionate (truly) – We’re sorry for what happened to you or your loved one. Our team is incredibly experienced, and truly understands the serious consequences of Hazing and Abuse at school.
  • Personalized Attention – We understand and respect that every client’s needs are unique. We treat all of our clients with the attention they deserve.
  • I Love to Beat Insurance Companies - The insurance companies of school districts hate to pay victims like you what’s fair. I know because I used to work for them, but now I work for you. That’s one thing that makes me different from other lawyers. My goal is to get my clients more money, faster as well as preventing what happened to you from happening to anyone else.
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Suicide is the leading cause of death among children between ages 10-14 in America, and the 3rd leading cause of death for people aged 15-24. School bullying is an unfortunate and growing trend not only in Clark County, the fifth largest school district in the United States, but across the country. Brave parents like you need to take a stand against bullying by filing lawsuits against the school district. That is the only way this problem will get better.

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What Constitutes as Bullying?

  • Physical harm to a person or damage to the property of a person
  • Suggests reasonable fear of physical harm or damage to the property of the person
  • Creates an intimidating and / or hostile environment
  • Interferes with the education of a student or the ability of the student to participate in or benefit from services provided by the school
  • Targeting someone based on their actual or perceived race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, sex or any other distinguishing characteristic or background of a person, or based on their association with another person exhibiting one or more of the former characteristics

Bullying can be a physical act, taunting, cyberbullying (when the harassment reaches beyond the school grounds), stalking, threatening, blackmail, slander, manipulation of peers, and much more. In severe cases a criminal act occurs with the bullying.

Bullying lawsuits are more likely to succeed when they are based on physical rather than social or verbal harassment. Furthermore, some states will not permit a tort recovery unless a physical injury can be proven. A pattern of verbal or social harassment over a prolonged period can justify a recovery by strengthening a claim of physical harm. Evidence to meet this requirement might be shown through depression, declining grades, anxiety, and other forms of psychological harm.

What are some ways educators could have legally failed your child?

  • Failing to fully investigate an accusation of bullying.
  • Trivializing the effect of the accused bullying.
  • Shifting blame to the victim without a proper investigation, or assuming the victim instigated the incident.
  • Not being attentive to instances of bullying in their schools.

There are some common law causes of action that schools can be held accountable under, as well:

  • Negligent infliction of emotional distress
  • Intentional infliction of emotional distress
  • Failure to supervise. Note that while showing negligent conduct can be sufficient to prevail in some jurisdictions,
  • the failure to supervise must be willful and wanton in other jurisdictions.

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My child is currently being bullied, what should I do?

  1. Listen: Ask your child open-ended questions, let them speak without interruption as you actively listen, and assure them they have your support. Write everything down.
  2. Take photos: Take photos of your child’s injuries. They will be helpful to your case should you have to take legal action.
  3. Seek Medical Attention: Make an appointment with your pediatrician to examine your child and assess their injuries. Get it all in writing because third-party corroboration is crucial to your case.
  4. File a Formal Complaint with the School: Contact your child’s teacher, principal, and school administrators to request a meeting where you describe the incident in detail. Remember to put it all in writing: the date(s) of the incident, where it took place, the injuries your child sustained, and the name(s) of the bullies. If the school employs a guidance counselor, request their attendance at the meeting and inquire whether they or someone else employed by the school is trained to handle bullying.
  5. Demand An Incident Report: you have a right to see the police report and any video that may have captured the incident.

Lastly, call us. Bullying has become such a serious issue today. Many kids can’t handle the pressure that is put on them by their peers, or the disappointment of their school not protecting them. The effects of bullying, both physical and emotional, are long lasting and some parents and children pay the ultimate price. Help protect your child and other children from paying the price of others' malice.

Should I Get a Lawyer for my School Bullying Lawsuit?

Schools hold liability insurance for harm caused on their premises. Bullying usually falls under this general liability coverage. You may not be the type of person who wants to sue, but is it really fair that you–or worse, your child–be the one who pays the price due to their abuse and neglect?

Call and tell us what happened. See how we can help get you back to as normal as possible. Schools should be held accountable for damage caused to students in their care, whether physical, psychological, or worse.

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