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Las Vegas Bus Accident Attorney

People to not often realize that a bus accident can be one of the most dangerous vehicular accidents that an individual can be involved in. An accident involving a bus can have a catastrophic result for many people; including pedestrians, passengers, and other motorists who are sharing the road with the bus.

Bus accidents are common in Las Vegas and they can result in more severe injuries and damages than other accidents. The reason for this being that buses have a higher center of gravity than most vehicles. Buses also tend to have a lot more mass in terms of weight and height. It is also uncommon for bus passengers to wear safety belts while the bus is in motion. As a result, the victims of bus accidents are far more  to be severely injured than those in other forms of accidents.

If you or someone you know has suffered because of a bus accident in Las Vegas, or the surrounding areas of Southern Nevada, please seek immediate medical attention and treatment for any injuries or pain. Once you have sought out treatment for your injuries, we recommend that you contact a Las Vegas bus accident attorney from Eric Blank Injury Attorneys.

Las Vegas Bus Crash Attorney

The Laws And Regulations

A bus accident claim depends on the circumstances of the crash and vary greatly depending on factors such as where the bus is registered, where the accident occurred, and who is at fault. As with all motor vehicles, there is a duty of care that bus drivers and all motorists must abide by. All motorists must drive with care as to avoid any intentional damage or bodily harm to another. Failure to do so may place the driver at fault for the accident, making them liable for any injuries sustained by others.

Bus accidents abide by a statute of limitations that dictates the amount of time that you have available in order to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for any injuries that are the result of a bus accident. In Nevada, personal injury claims must be filed within a two year period starting from when the incident occurs. Time is a factor that determines whether you have grounds for a lawsuit, or if your case will be dismissed by both your insurance company and the involved parties. It is imperative for you to get a hold of a professional Las Vegas bus accident attorney as soon as you can. Once you hired a licensed Las Vegas bus accident attorney it is important to bring all documentation or reports of the incident.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a bus, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. Regardless of whether you are a bus passenger, a pedestrian, a cyclist, a motorcyclist, or the conductor of another vehicle sharing the road that is involved in an accident; you can claim substantial compensation with the help of the right attorney.

You can contact the Las Vegas bus accident attorneys at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys, who have extensive knowledge and experience handling personal injury bus accident cases and are  ready to stand by your side throughout your case. Eric Blank Injury Attorneys will inform you when any documentation needs to be submitted as well as having them completed and sent before the deadlines.We want to ensure that your rights will be protected before, during, and after your case. We will ensure that your privacy and wellbeing are protected as we take your claims to court so that you can receive the appropriate compensation that you deserve.

School Bus Accidents

There are more than 23,000,000 children who ride the school bus every single day of the school week. Most of the children return home to their families safe and sound at the end of the day. Bus accidents can happen and do happen on a daily basis. The injuries might be small for some and fatal for the others. Often, children suffer severe injuries from bus rides with bumps, bruises, and scrapes. Sometimes, even the slightest injuries can leave a lingering effect of pain that they will carry for their rest of their lives because they have delicate bodies. It is important to consul with a Las Vegas bus accident Attorney right away.
The complications caused by some accidents might be minor; severe injuries like the slip and fall accidents can happen to children and can lead to serious or tragic injuries. In every state of the US, the drivers are required to stop when the light of the school bus are flashing. Police officers have also noticed that most of the drivers fail to stop their vehicle when the light of the bus is flashing, which can lead to tragedy if children are crossing nearby or not paying attention towards the road.

Other Safety Concerns

A common problem that arises from bus accidents is to determine if the seat belts were working properly. Many experts believe children do not require seat-belts on the school bus. The experts believe that adding seat would increase school spending. Therefore, schools in the district as they would have to allocate funds for such expenditure. Most of the fatal accidents occur most often when kids leave their campus premises. The security of children is at huge stake if the parents do not teach about roadside safety. When a bus driver loses control of a bus it usually results in a severe accident.


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If you, a child from your family or a family member have suffered in a bus crash; get a hold of Eric Blank Injury Attorneys, a qualified Las Vegas bus accident Attorney. Eric Blank Injury Attorneys helps victims who have suffered due to the negligence of bus drivers. We help bus accident victims across Nevada, including, Las Vegas, Henderson, and North Las Vegas. For more information or to consult one of our qualified attorneys for your case, call us now at (702) 213-9343.


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