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Hazardous Holiday Auto Accidents


Las Vegas During the Holidays


Las Vegas, entertainment capital of the world, a popular tourist destination, home to more hotel rooms than all of Europe. This city is used to welcoming visitors, as well as being home to a large and ever-growing community of our own. During the holidays, Las Vegas becomes even busier than usual, with winter travel and family visits. The amount of travelers plus the amount of locals Las Vegas has combine to make a staggering number of vehicles on the road, hurrying to their next holiday party.

The more vehicles we have operating on our roads, the busier and more packed these roads become, and the more likely auto accidents are to happen. It is no surprise to pass accidents on our highways, and it is almost to be expected at times, especially during peak hours when everyone is headed home from work or out to dinner or the newest show.


automobile accident holiday drunk driving

Auto Accident As A Result Of Drunk Driving


Holiday Mishaps


Around the holiday time, the potential for auto accidents grows even more. With family and friends in town visiting for Christmas and New Year’s, as well as Las Vegas simply being a pleasant place to get away during the winter, roads are filled to capacity. Distractions abound, from twinkling strings of lights, to animated holiday décor, to catching up with the guests on the way to your gathering, making the journey even more perilous.

In addition, DUI arrests, drunk driving, and fatal auto and motorcycle accidents increase tremendously, as celebrations and family get-togethers abound. Oftentimes, after the gift exchange, the potluck, and a classic Christmas movie, party-goers have downed a few alcoholic drinks before heading home for the night. Perhaps the holly jolly atmosphere clouds their judgment, but they decide to hit the road intoxicated and put themselves and others at risk by doing so.

Car keys DUI Drunk Driving Attorney

Never Grab The Keys After Drinking


After the Accident

Unfortunately, this happens more often than it should, and most of the time, the personal injury victims of vehicle accidents around the holidays are the ones who face the brunt of the harm. If you have found yourself in this situation, dealing with the damage a drunk or distracted driver leaves behind, you could be entitled to fair compensation for your injuries, as well as coverage of lost wages and other financial stress that comes with being involved in an auto accident.

Eric Blank Personal Injury Attorneys are knowledgeable with all variations of vehicular collisions and are prepared to assist you in your claim against the at-fault party. We understand how impactful an automobile accident can be to you and your family, both physically and emotionally, and believe that your holidays should not be ruined by an unfortunate event such as an auto accident. If you or a loved one has suffered a physical injury due to the inconsideration of another individual, our car crash attorneys at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys will represent you until you have been rightfully compensated.

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