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Slip and Fall Personal Injuries

Slip and falls are some of the most common causes of personal injuries. The frequency of these accidents is especially alarming because most of them can be easily prevented. Many different circumstances can lead to a slip and fall accident, and the injuries that result can vary tremendously. They can be as minor as a few bumps and bruises, to more major ones like broken bones, serious cuts, and even head or brain trauma. 

What is a Slip and Fall? 

Just as the name implies, a slip and fall accident occurs when an individual either slips or trips on a surface or obstacles on a path, and falls as a result. Slip and fall accidents become liabilities or personal injury cases when the slip or trip happens on an individual’s or corporation’s property and it can be determined that the injury could have been prevented, or that the owner acted in negligence. 

Who is Liable?

Property owners have a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for their guests and/or visitors. This includes having proper surfaces and paths to walk on, and should there be a hazard or obstruction, providing proper signage as a warning. Not following this obligation is considered negligence, and if a fall resulting in an injury occurs because of this, legal action can be pursued. 

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Slip and Fall Injuries

The injuries that can result from slip and fall accidents can differ greatly. Some slip and falls cause minor injuries, ones that perhaps are simply inconveniences or annoyances, and generally heal after a few days. Other slip and falls can cause serious injuries, ones that may instigate chronic pain, and take years to heal from, if ever. The most common injuries that come from slip and falls are bruises, broken bones, dislocated joints, and head trauma. 


Bruises can happen even with the most minor slip and fall accidents. These are a collection of blood underneath the skin, and can sometimes become swollen. Though they are typically fairly sore and tender to the touch, most of the time, bruises aren’t extremely serious injuries. 

Broken Bones

Broken bones are another common injury due to slip and fall accidents. If an individual trips and attempts to catch themselves while they are falling, they can easily fracture their wrist or arm.

Dislocated Joints

If an individual slips and falls, and lands in a skewed posture, it can be easy to dislocate a joint, such as a hip or a shoulder. These injuries can usually be fixed fairly easily, even though pain may be present for a few days following. However, sometimes dislocations can be more serious, and cause tears to the surrounding tendons as well. 

Head Trauma

Head trauma can also occur frequently with slip and fall accidents. This head trauma can include concussions, contusions, and more. The effects of a head trauma can be severe and last for an extensive period of time. 

There are many potential injuries that can occur due to a slip and fall accident. Most of these can be prevented, and if the hazard cannot be removed, warnings should be put into place by the property owner. If you have experienced an injury due to negligence leading to a slip and fall, contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys today.


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