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Personal Injury Attorney

Eric Blank Injury Attorneys are dedicated to representing and fighting for our clients who have experienced personal injuries, and we aim to get them fair and full compensation from the individuals or companies who have caused them harm, whether directly or through negligent actions. 

Our very own Eric Blank worked several years in insurance defense, and is therefore extremely insightful as to how insurance companies attempt to avoid paying what is owed, and various loopholes they use to do so. He uses this experience to our clients’ advantage, and knows just how to use their methods against them. 

Types of Personal Injuries

Personal injury law is a fairly broad sector, and can encompass a variety of injury types. The most common ones that occur are: 

Slip and Fall 

These types of accidents typically happen because of unmarked hazards, such as wet or slippery floors, or obstructions that may cause pedestrians to trip. These are often due to negligence of the property owner. 

Motor Vehicle Accident

Approximately 2.3 million people are injured in car accidents every year. These injuries can be detrimental, and if they happen because of negligence by someone else, compensation should be pursued and legal action taken. 

Premises Liability

Accidents that are caused by a defect or a hazard on someone’s property are considered premises liabilities. Several injuries can occur because of these circumstances, and if negligence can be proven, legal action should be taken.

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Why Do I Need an Attorney? 

If you have been personally injured, you may be wondering what your next steps are. There are many loopholes that exist, and insurance companies and large corporations will try to use any one of them to their advantage. It is essential to have proper representation in personal injury cases, and an attorney can help guide you through the entire process of handling your case. This gives you less to worry about, and allows you to focus on healing. 

Many corporations or companies will not offer any compensation unless you are properly represented by a qualified attorney. Even if compensation is offered, it is usually in the form of a settlement, and the amount does not even begin to cover the medical expenses you have accrued. Having a knowledgeable attorney can benefit you by bumping up the compensation amount, and can speed up the process of obtaining this as well.

In order to get worthy compensation, you need to find a Attorney who has the right experience and qualifications to represent you. Eric Blank has whatever it takes to make sure that you recover from the injuries in peace as he quickly and effectively deals with your case. Contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys for assistance with your case today! 


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