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Catastrophic Injuries

With car accidents and personal injuries, there are many levels of severity. Sometimes, one may walk away with a few bumps and bruises, lucky to not have suffered anything more serious than some minor inconvenient injuries. Other times, however, the accidents and injuries are much more severe. These injuries on the far end of the severity spectrum are considered catastrophic injuries. 

What are Catastrophic Injuries? 

Catastrophic injuries affect every area of life, from motor functions such as walking, talking, driving, sitting, laying down and more, to the cognitive functions such as comprehension, understanding surroundings, and the ability to interact with and react to them. For most people, these actions are second nature, we do not consciously think about most of them while we are doing them, and we take the ability to do them for granted. When someone is catastrophically injured, however, the ability to complete these tasks is greatly affected, sometimes to the point of no longer being able to do them at all. 

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Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Most of us know at least one person who has been drastically and catastrophically injured. These injuries occur suddenly and unexpectedly, and the consequences from them are life changing. There are a handful of things that may cause catastrophic injuries, and a few types of these injuries themselves. The most common catastrophic injuries are as follows: 


TBI, or traumatic brain injuries, often result in disabilities, such as speech impediments, restricted movements, and trouble with cognitive functions. These may range from minor to severe, where the individual affected is in an unresponsive state. 

Spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries most often result in restricted or otherwise affected movements, as well as changes in bodily functions, loss of motor function, or loss of sensation. 

Third degree burns

Third degree burns are not only extremely painful, they take extensive time to heal, and can leave lasting scars. In addition to the skin damage, these burns may also cause damage to vascular structures, organs, and bones. 

There are more varieties of catastrophic injuries, however, these are the most common ones that occur. Regardless of the type of catastrophic injury, or what caused it, they can be debilitating, and have long-lasting effects. If you or a loved one has suffered from a catastrophic injury, contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys today.


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