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Texting While Driving Accident Attorney

Everyone who has driven has been tempted at one point or another to check their phone while driving. Whether it is just to read that text message you have been waiting to receive all day, or checking an important work email on your commute, or you are simply attempting to make the time stuck in traffic pass faster by scrolling through social media, we all know how easy it is to pick up your phone and get lost in the sea of distractions. 

Our smartphone society has made it extremely easy to remain connected at all times, to everyone around us. Unfortunately, this also makes it terribly easy to get sidetracked by the countless texts, emails, and social media accounts that bombard us and beg for attention. However, when our attention is turned to any of these things on our phones instead of on the road, accidents are bound to happen. 

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Texting and Driving Facts

Texting (or otherwise using a handheld mobile device) and driving is a much larger problem than most people tend to realize. It has been estimated that at any given time, around 660,000 drivers are currently using their phones while operating a motor vehicle. The National Safety Council has reported that mobile devices contribute to approximately 1.6 million accidents every year. Out of these accidents, there are approximately a total or 390,000 injuries. These injuries could have easily been prevented by avoiding the use of cell phones while driving. 

Reports show that around 25% of car accidents that happen within the United States are caused by texting and driving. Texting while driving increases your likelihood of being involved in a car accident, up to 6x more than drunk driving does! This danger is linked to the amount of time that it takes to respond to a text message. Say you are driving at 55mph. It takes your 5 seconds to answer a text that you received. In that amount of time, at that speed, you would have traveled the distance of a full football field. A lot of things can happen on the road in that distance. 

Preventing Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is extremely risky, and it puts not only your life, but the lives of others on the road, in danger. Luckily, texting and driving is easily preventable. These accidents and the serious injuries that happen from them, can all be avoided by simply waiting to answer texts and emails while behind the wheel. Putting your phone on silent can help reduce the potential for distraction. There are also safe driving apps that encourage putting the phone down while driving. 

Getting an Attorney

If you have been involved in an accident where the other driver was using their mobile phone, you may have a case. By using a handheld device while driving, that driver is acting negligently, and should be held liable for their actions. It is essential to have an experienced, knowledgeable attorney on your side to fight for you. Get the fair and full compensation that you deserve for your suffering. Contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys today. 


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