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T-Bone Collisions

T-bone collisions, or as some call them, side-impact or broadside collisions, are when a vehicle is directly impacted on the side by the front end of another car. When this happens, it creates the “T” shape where this form of automobile accident draws its name from. 

These types of accidents can be especially dangerous for those impacted, as there is limited protection along the sides of cars, where the brunt of the impact is absorbed. These also tend to be collisions that occur at higher speeds, and involve cars running red lights or blowing through stop signs, situations where the impacted driver is caught completely off guard. Because of these factors, the injury rates for t-bone accidents is alarming. If you have been injured in a t-bone collision, you need to contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys immediately to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve. 

T-bone Accidents: The Facts

Overall, T-bone accidents makeup around 13% of all motor vehicle crashes within the United States. However, of all fatal car crashes, T-bone accidents are responsible for 18%. This may not seem like an especially high percentage, however, considering that most T-bone accidents can be easily avoided by simply being more attentive drivers, the percentage could be potentially drastically lowered. 

The National Transportation Highway Safety Administration reports that approximately 8,000 people are killed each year in the United States due to T-bone collisions. These side-impact accidents have been proven to be the most deadly to children, and these numbers have grown by 20% in the past 20 years. 

T-bone collisions rarely involve just 2 vehicles as well. Because one vehicle rams into the side of another, this impacted car generally gets pushed off course, and often into the path of other vehicles. If not into oncoming traffic, this vehicle also runs the risk of being pushed into other obstacles or roadside obstructions. The impact of a T-bone collision has also been known to cause rollover accidents as well. 

Lasting Injuries

For those who do survive T-bone accidents, the chance of having a permanent, or at least long-lasting, injury is extremely high. It is not uncommon for survivors of these types of accidents to suffer from brain damage or injuries, broken or shattered bones, internal injuries, as well as back, neck, and spinal injuries. 

These kinds of injuries have an impact on not only your body, but your entire life. They can affect how you go about your everyday activities, and may even impact your income by restricting your ability to work. It is essential when seeking compensation to factor this loss of income and other expenses in as well as the cost of you medical bills.

t-bone auto collisions

Recoverable Damages

If you or a loved one has been injured in a T-bone collision, the Car Accident Lawyers at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys can help you recover compensation for the damages and injuries that you have received. You may be entitled to receive compensation for the following:

  • Medical Expenses: You may receive compensation for the cost of medical transportation and treatment, including hospital stays.
  • Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is quite common and recommended. The cost of rehabilitation can often become a financial burden that should not be yours to bare.
  • Lost Wages: If you must take time away from work for doctors visits or because you have lost the ability to work all together, you deserve compensation for lost wages and the loss of capacity to earn.
  • Pain and Suffering: We know that not all injuries are visible. Auto accidents can be traumatic and dealing with the psychological burden may not be easy.  
  • Property Damage: Property damages in front-end collisions may cover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle and any other property damaged as a result.

Obtaining Legal Representation

The experienced auto accident attorneys at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys can lessen the stress and frustration that comes to auto accident victims. Our team of Personal Injury Attorneys can help you:

  • Obtain medical records and bills from hospitals and treating physicians;
  • Recommend follow-up treatment options;
  • Obtain information from insurance companies;
  • Submit settlement demands to insurance companies;
  • Negotiate fair settlement offers; and
  • File lawsuit and litigate the case in the court system if needed.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys

Car accidents that happen as the result of someone else’s negligence can cause physical and emotional pain as well as impact your quality of life. If you or a loved one has been injured in a T-bone collision car accident, it is imperative that you contact the car accident attorneys at Eric Blank Injury Law. The car accident Attorneys at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys are knowledgeable with all variations of auto accidents and T-bone collisions and are prepared to assist you in your claim against the at-fault party.



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