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Rollover Accident Attorney

Rollover accidents usually happen when a driver overcorrects (rapidly pulling the steering wheel in one direction) while attempting to avoid an obstruction or vehicle, or as the result of any other type of accident escalating to the point of one or more vehicles involved being rolled over. Often, when drivers try to avoid sideswiping other vehicles, or they swerve to prevent colliding with an obstacle or hazard in the road, the movement is too abrupt, causing the tires to lose traction and the driver to lose their handle on the car. From here, the scenario can escalate fast, from one overcorrection leading to another, each building upon the last, and the vehicle ending up toppled. Whatever caused the rollover accident, there is always a tremendous chance of serious injury for those involved. 

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Lasting Effects

As one might imagine, rollover accidents have the potential of being extremely dangerous. For one, they can cause extensive damage to the vehicles involved. They can also cause serious injuries for the passengers of the vehicles as well. If passengers happen to not be wearing their safety belts, they can potentially be ejected from the vehicle in a rollover accident. Even if the seatbelts are on, various other belongings within the car can be tossed around and possibly cause injuries as well. 

Rollover accidents tend to be very traumatic, and the force of the car being toppled can result in shifts, tears, and breaks within the body. These can include broken bones, torn muscles or ligaments, and even nerve damage. Some of these injuries may not present themselves immediately, and the effects of them can be dulled by the shock of the accident at first. Even though they may not be apparent at the scene of the accident, the damage could be done and the symptoms can gradually appear over time. 

No matter what caused the rollover accident, or what injuries occurred because of it, it is important to contact a qualified legal professional. Let Eric Blank Injury Attorneys handle your case for you and get you the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys

Car accidents that happen as a result of someone else’s negligence can cause physical and emotional pain as well as impact your quality of life. Any accident can be traumatic to experience, however, rollover accidents can be especially severe. We understand that the effects of these kinds of accidents are often felt long after the accident itself. We believe that you should be compensated for your suffering, and we will fight to get you the full and fair compensation that you deserve. 

If you or a loved one has been injured in a rollover car accident, it is imperative that you contact the car accident attorneys at Eric Blank Injury Law. The car accident attorneys at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys are knowledgeable with all variations of auto accidents and rollover collisions and are prepared to assist you in your claim against the at-fault party. Contact us today.


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