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Road Rage Accidents

When driving during high-stress times, such as commuting to work during rush hour, or traveling for the holidays, or maneuvering through construction zones, emotions can run high. After a long day at work, when you are just trying to get home, and that driver cuts you off, you may react out of anger. However, there is a line between blowing off steam by screaming expletives in your car, and taking your frustrations out on the road in a fit of road rage. 

Road rage can be extremely dangerous, as it greatly inhibits your ability to make sound judgments, and the decisions that you make while emotionally-charged can put both you and others at risk. Often, road rage presents itself as a variety of aggressive driving behaviors. These may be intentional, in order to spite a driver who has done wrong, or they may be unintentional, and simply results of driving while overly angry. Either way, a real risk is presented when drivers give into road rage, regardless of how it presents. 

distracted driving accidents


Speed limits are posted for the safety of everyone on the roads. Going any amount faster than this posted speed limit is considered speeding. Excessively speeding puts everyone on the road at risk, and is considered a behavior characteristic to aggressive driving and road rage. 


When a driver is following the vehicle ahead of them too closely, and not allowing plenty of following distance, this is considered tailgating. This severely limits the amount of time the driver has to react to traffic or any obstructions in the road. This road rage behavior unnecessarily puts everyone at risk for accidents. 

Running Red Lights

Traffic signals exist for the safety of drivers and pedestrians on the roads, and when these lights are red, all drivers are required by law to stop at them. When this law is ignored, and these red lights are run, this creates an atmosphere conducive to car accidents. By not stopping, the driver can collide with other cars who have the right of way and are passing through the intersection, or even strike pedestrians attempting to cross the road safely. 

Erratic Lane Changes

We have all been there before, stuck behind a slow driver when we are in a rush. We can patiently wait for other cars to pass before going around them, or, we can cut out in front of them in order to get around the slow car faster. When road rage is involved, a lot of times there are erratic or unnecessary lane changes. These often happen without checking blindspots or the lane that is being shifted into, and can result in an accident. 

Road rage is preventable, but unfortunately, accidents resulting from it are far too prevalent. If you’ve been involved in a road rage accident, it is essential to get an experienced accident attorney. Contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys today.


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