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Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Multi-vehicle accidents can occur as a result of many different causes. As the name implies, a multi-vehicle accident is when any number of motor vehicles is involved in a single crash. These can be any combination of collisions, and can involve a variety of kinds of crashes at the same time. 

For example, a vehicle traveling down the road might hit an obstacle that they failed to see. The driver then abruptly slams on the brakes, causing the car behind them to rear-end them, which in turn causes the third driver to collide with them as well. This would be an example of a multi-vehicle accident that involves multiple rear-end collisions. 

Another example could be when a vehicle is driving down the highway, and an object flies out of the truck in front of them. Their immediate reaction is to swerve to avoid the obstruction, however, they pull into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision. The driver behind this oncoming vehicle has no time to react, and they end up rear-ending them. 

As you can see, collisions that involve multiple vehicles are quite commonplace, but they can sometimes be avoided.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents


Quite often, when multiple vehicles are involved in a single accident, it is a chain reaction collision. This can happen for a number of reasons, but the initial cause of the accident is typically one of the following:

  • Intoxication

Driving intoxicated is not only against the law, it creates unsafe road conditions for you and for everyone else on the roadway. Intoxication decreases your ability to react in a timely manner to hazards, and increases your chances of being involved in an accident.

  • Weather

Inclement weather conditions affect the quality of the road surface, and can make it more difficult to maneuver vehicles safely. When proper precautions are not taken in hazardous weather conditions, accidents are more likely to occur.

  • Drowsiness

Not getting enough sleep affects many areas of your life, one of them being your ability to operate a vehicle safely. When you are drowsy, reaction times are lengthened, and you are not as observant of potential dangers, making it easier to end up in an accident.

  • Speeding

Operating vehicles at high speeds comes at a risk, and it decreases the amount of time that you have to react to obstructions or various dangers that may present themselves. Traveling at high speeds can increase your likelihood to be involved in an accident.

  • Distractions

There are many distractions that can beg for your attention while driving. Whether it is a child in the backseat, your furry friend with its head out the window, or text messages that need answering, any distraction can take your attention off of the road long enough to cause an accident.

Lasting Effects

Since there are multiple vehicles involved in this particular kind of accident, there are also more drivers and passengers that are at risk for potential injuries. These injuries can range in severity based on the kind of multi-vehicle collision, but regardless of how severe, the effects will likely be felt long after the initial accident. 

In multi-vehicle accidents, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault, and who should be held responsible for the financial losses and personal injuries. When it comes to complex cases like these, it is essential to have an experienced, successful accident attorney on your side. Eric Blank Injury Attorneys has the expertise and the drive to win you the compensation your deserve. Contact us today! 


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