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Intersection Accidents

While no accident is pleasant to be a part of, intersection accidents can be particularly dangerous, as most of the collisions that occur in them are either head on or t-bone accidents. More often than not, these accidents tend to be at moderate to high speeds as well, increasing the risk for serious injuries and greater damage to vehicles.

distracted driving accidents

Causes of Intersection Accidents

Though frequently preventable, there are many reasons that intersection accidents may occur. 

  • Running Red Lights

Traffic signals exist for a reason, to give the right of way to certain directions of traffic, while halting others, in order to produce safe traffic patterns and eliminate potential accidents. When these traffic signals are obeyed, everything runs smoothly. However, when, instead of yielding to a yellow light and slowing down, or failing to stop at a red light, the driver decides to keep going, there is a risk for accidents. These accidents tend to be t-bone accidents and can cause serious injuries to the other drivers affected. 

  • Failure to Yield

In intersections, when making turns, drivers must yield to oncoming traffic. Whether it is making a right turn on red, or turn left across lanes of traffic, either coming to a complete stop or yielding is essential in order to make the turn safely. Failure to do so can cause accidents, as oncoming drivers may not have time to react. 

  • Obstructed View

Occasionally, intersections will have buildings or structures too close to the roadway, or shrubbery and bushes have become overgrown, and the view onto the road is obstructed. If proper precautions are not taken, and the driver does not yield until it is known to be safe, accidents may occur. 

  • Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is another culprit in intersection accident cases. When drivers are using their phones, or adjusting the music, or paying attention to other passengers in the car, they can become distracted from the road, and not notice that cars in front of them have stopped, or that the signal has changed. This can result in accidents. 


Regardless of what the cause may be, if you have been involved in an intersection accident, contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys. We will fight for your full and fair compensation. 


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