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Intersection Accident Attorney

All accidents have an impact and none of them are particularly pleasant to be involved in, however, intersection accidents have the tendency to be especially dangerous, especially since most of the collisions that occur in intersections are either head on or t-bone accidents. Most of the time, accidents that happen within intersections also occur at fairly high speeds, which increases the potential for extreme injuries and damage to the vehicles involved. 

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Intersection accidents are typically preventable, and can be avoided by driving attentively, however, there are many causes for these kinds of collisions. 

Running Red Lights

Traffic signals serve a purpose, which is to clearly state the right of way for traffic, and to keep vehicles coexisting on the same road safe and traveling in an organized manner. They exist to help prevent and eliminate potential accidents. When these lights and signals are heeded, traffic runs smoothly. When they are ignored, however, it puts everyone on the road at risk for being involved in an accident. 

Failure to Yield

When making a turn within an intersection, drivers are required to yield to other vehicles and oncoming traffic. Whether you are making a right hand turn at a red light, or are attempting to turn left across lanes of traffic, you must either completely stop first or yield to the oncoming cars in order to turn safely. Failure to do so can cause accidents, as oncoming drivers may not have time to react.

Obstructed View

Sometimes, the view into a road is obstructed by buildings, structures, bushes or other obstacles that are placed too close to an intersection. When this happens, extra precautions should be taken, as drivers may not be able to see oncoming traffic. 

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is another common cause for intersection accidents. When drivers divert their attention to mobile phones or passengers or other distractions within the car, they may not notice that cars in front of them have stopped, or that the light is red, and they may cause an intersection collision. 

Getting Representation

Usually intersection accidents are fairly easy to prove fault in, since they typically involve the responsible driver acting negligently and ignoring common traffic laws. However, in any accident, especially when injuries have occurred, you should be sure that you have proper representation. You need an attorney who cares as much about your case as you do. Regardless of what the cause may be, if you have been involved in an intersection accident, contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys. We will fight for your full and fair compensation. 


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