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High Speed Accidents

Any and all accidents can be traumatic and dangerous, especially when injuries occur. However, accidents that happen at high speeds can cause catastrophic damage to not only the car, but also to the people involved. The NHTSA approximates that more than 3 million people are injured in an auto accident every year in the U.S. They also state that one of the leading contributing factors to auto accidents is speeding. 

Speed limits exist to keep everyone on the roads safe. When a driver chooses to ignore these laws set in place, and drive faster than the posted limit, their control on their car decreases. They have a limited amount of time available to react to certain scenarios that may arise, and they cannot always act quick enough to brake or steer away from an obstruction. Often, speed limits account for potential hazards, such as curves in the road, hills, construction, and more. By neglecting to obey these laws, speedy drivers put themselves and others at risk. 

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Risks of High Speed Accidents

Cars already carry the ability to cause immense damage with the force of them just moving along at a normal pace. However, when a car is speeding, this ability and risk for damage is multiplied. The faster a car is travelling, the more potential for causing tremendous damage it has. This risk is multiplied even more with the size of the vehicle that is speeding. For instance, a Fiat traveling at 100mph will cause damage, but a semi truck traveling at the same speed has the ability to cause even more destruction. In addition, these larger vehicles are harder to maneuver, and they brake much slower, so when they get going at a high rate of speed, there is little chance that any obstacle in their way will be avoided. 

High Speed Accident Injuries

There is potential for injury in any accident, even minor fender benders, however, the risk for injury is exponentially higher in high speed accidents. There is also a higher chance that these injuries will be catastrophic, long-lasting, or even life-threatening. Some injuries sustained in high speed crashes may also be permanent, causing irreversible damage to those involved. Some of the most common injuries that can occur include soft tissue injuries, major cuts and lacerations (even amputations), head and neck injuries, chest injuries (including damage to heart and/or lungs), arm and leg injuries, back and spine injuries, and sometimes even temporary or permanent paralysis. 

High speed accidents have the potential to cause serious injuries and the effects are often felt long after the accident. If you have been involved in a high speed crash, contact us today.


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