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Failure to Yield Attorney

It is often said, the right of way is given, and never taken. However, this simple guideline is not always followed by all drivers on the roads. More often than not, impatience and selfishness take priority over potential safety concerns. Some people feel as if they are entitled to the right of way, or may be biased towards themselves when it comes to deciding who should go first. This leads to the right of way being assumed, and can cause accidents due to the failure to yield. 

​Common Yield Circumstances

There are many circumstances that require yielding and right of way decisions. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Yield Signs

The most obvious reason to yield while driving is at a yield sign. Yield signs serve the purpose of allowing a continuous entrance, as long as no other vehicles or obstructions are in the way. Should another vehicle be approaching, yield signs should serve as a stop sign, and the driver should cease movement until the path is clear. 

  • Four Way Stops

At four way stops, all vehicles approaching the stop signs at the intersection are required to make a full stop. Once this stop has been made, the drivers can proceed to go in the order they arrived at the stop sign. The trouble occurs when drivers arrive at the stop sign at the same time, and the right of way is in question. When drivers wrongly assume that they should be the first to go, accidents can happen. 

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  • Merging

When merging, the incoming vehicles are intended to yield the right of way to the cars already traveling on the roadway. Quite often, this is not what happens, however, and sideswipe accidents can easily occur. 

  • Right Turn on Red

Another situation where drivers should yield is when making a right turn on red. These turns should only be made after a complete stop, and then drivers still must yield to oncoming traffic that has a green light. 

Why You Need a Failure to Yield Attorney

As you can see, there are many circumstances while driving that require a yield, or a complete stop and then a right of way decision. Each of these has their own rules and guidelines to be followed, and if they are not, accidents can happen.

If you have been involved in an accident due to a driver failing to yield, you need a proven accident attorney. Failure to Yield may be difficult to prove in court, and an experienced attorney may be needed to navigate the loopholes of your case. Contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys today.


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