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Chances are, you have either been involved in an accident, or have witnessed or passed by an accident that has occurred. Accidents can be caused by many different factors, and there are a variety of kinds of accidents as well. Though many different types can happen, some kinds of accidents are more common than others. 

Head On

Head on collisions can also be known as front end collisions. As both names suggest, these occur when two cars collide “head on,” meaning the front of one car runs into the front end of the other. Though these accidents can happen anywhere, they most commonly occur within intersections, or on roads where the lane divisions may not be clear, making it easy to drift into oncoming traffic. Because these accidents typically involve two cars moving at the same time, they often happen at moderate to high speeds, and can end up being fairly detrimental, causing severe damage to the cars and catastrophic injuries to the people involved. 

Hit and Run

Hit and Run accidents are any kind of accident in which the driver of one of the vehicles involved immediately leaves the scene. When the driver flees, it is typically because they have an alternate reason they do not want to be involved with the police, such as if they were driving under/uninsured or intoxicated. Hit and run accidents can differ in severity simply because they can be any kind of collision. These accidents usually have long lasting effects, however, as they may not get reported immediately.

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Similar to head on collisions, intersection accidents are pretty self explanatory. They are, just like the name implies, accidents that happen within intersections. Intersection accidents usually happen at high speeds, and the impacted vehicle is usually caught off guard. They often occur because of drivers who run red lights, fail to yield, have an obstructed view, or drive distracted. 

Rear End

Rear end accidents are another common kind of collision. This is when one vehicle collides with the back end of another. These typically occur when a driver is excessively speeding, doesn’t leave enough space between them and the car in front of them, or if the driver is distracted. Rear end accidents can result in severe head and neck trauma, and may cause back issues as well. 


Rollover accidents are typically caused by overcorrections from other accident types, or by a collision that happens at a high speed, enough to flip the car completely over. These kinds of accidents can be detrimental to those involved, as they usually cause severe injuries because of the sheer force of the impact and trauma. 


This type of accident occur when the front end of a car collides with the side of another, forming a “T” sort of shape. Because of the lack of protection along the sides of cars, these kinds of accidents can result in serious injuries for those in the impacted car. 

Regardless of what kind of accident you have been involved in, you need an attorney on your side who will fight for you. Contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys today.


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