Eric Blank Injury Attorneys Offers 5-Step Plan for Parents of Bullied Children

LAS VEGAS, Nevada—Personal Injury Attorney Eric Blank and his team at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys are well-informed and knowledgeable about bullying—an unfortunate and growing trend not only in Clark County, the fifth largest school district in the United States, but across the country. Blank has practiced law for over 23 years and is the father of two young children. The alarming number of parents of bullied children who have sought the help of his firm troubles him on a professional and personal level.

Earlier this year, Jasmen Jackson, whose 11-year-old son Amir was viciously attacked by another student while boarding the school bus on August 25, 2021, consulted Eric Blank Injury Attorneys due to the severity of her son’s injuries and the lack of cooperation from the Clark County School District and its employees. Because of their indifference, Jackson could not obtain a copy of the original police report or a copy of any video demonstrating Amir’s brutal assault on the bus that day. Eric Blank Injury Attorneys recently filed a lawsuit against the Clark County School District on behalf of Jackson and her son.

While this case is horrific, it is just one of many disturbing cases of bullying that Blank and his team have received over the past few years. And although they cannot represent every parent and child in this situation, their experience with bullying inspired them to release five vital steps for parents throughout the United States to take when their child becomes a victim of bullying:

  1. Listen: Ask your child open-ended questions, let them speak without interruption as you actively listen, and assure them they have your support. Write everything down.
  2. Take photos: Take photos of your child’s injuries. They will be helpful to your case should you have to take legal action.
  3. Seek Medical Attention: Make an appointment with your pediatrician to examine your child and assess their injuries. Get it all in writing because third-party corroboration is crucial to your case.
  4. File a Formal Complaint with the School: Contact your child’s teacher, principal, and school administrators to request a meeting where you describe the incident in detail. Remember to put it all in writing: the date(s) of the incident, where it took place, the injuries your child sustained, and the name(s) of the bullies. If the school employs a guidance counselor, request their attendance at the meeting and inquire whether they or someone else employed by the school is trained to handle bullying.
  5. Demand An Incident Report: you have a right to see the police report and any video that may have captured the incident.

It is important to remember that bullying can happen from kindergarten through high school. The moment you suspect your child has suffered severe injuries at the hands of a bully, follow the five steps above. If, like Jasmen Jackson, you face indifference and stonewalling from the school district and police, seek out an experienced personal injury attorney.

“Unfortunately, due to many years of talking with parents of bullied children, I know what it takes to handle bullies and put an end to the abuse,” says Blank. “It is unconscionable for any school district, school personnel, or police department to interfere with a parent seeking justice for their child. As we noted in our lawsuit against the Clark County School District on behalf of our client Jasmen Jackson and her son Amir, the school district demonstrated callous indifference by failing to put an end to the attack. Although I cannot represent every parent in the United States, I can and will continue to raise awareness and share the things parents can and should do when dealing with bullies.”

For more information, visit http://www.ericblanklaw.com/.

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