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Totaling Cost of Accident Attorney

Totaling the Costs of Your Accident

by | Feb 16, 2020 | Accident Attorney Tips

If you have been involved in an accident, you may be wondering how much compensation you could receive to help cover the costs of your medical bills and more. Though your accident attorney will most likely handle this when they take over your case, you may still be curious as to how they come up with a total for the damages your have suffered in your accident. There are a few methods, but we have included the most common ways of figuring this out here. 

What Info Do You Need? 

Any paperwork and records that you have relating to the accident, your car damages, and your injuries, can be beneficial to helping determine how much you are owed. 

Vehicle Info

There are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration when determining the damage to your car. First and foremost, the total cost of all repairs that were made should be included. In addition, the cost of a rental car during that time, the depreciation in value for your car, and the mileage, should all be factored into the total number. 

Medical Info

Where damages to vehicles may be easier to quantify, injuries are a little harder to put a number on. Medical treatment for injuries sustained in the accident should all be covered, but there are more aspects to consider as well. Every person is affected differently by injuries. In addition, injuries vary severity on an individual basis. The consequences of the injury in question should also be taken into consideration, such as if it inhibits the ability to work, or if it affects the quality of life in general. 

What is Included? 

In total, the amount that you are owed for compensation should include all of your medical bills and related expenses for the injuries sustained in the accident, lost wages and compensation for the inability to work, pain and suffering, permanent disability or disfigurement, emotional damages. In some cases, the party involved does not claim pain and suffering, however. When that is the circumstance, the total amount you are owed is simply the cost of medical bills and repairs. 

How to Total

There are a few methods or calculators that one can use to determine the value of a personal injury or accident claim. These include damage formula, multiplier method, per diem method, and more. This is where an experienced attorney can be extremely beneficial to you and your case. An attorney has the relevant knowledge regarding these methods and knows which one will be most favorable to use for you. They will take all the paperwork and records that you have and work the numbers to get you the most compensation so that you can pay your bills with ease. 

Why You Need an Attorney

As we’ve already discussed, an experienced attorney can help you accurately total up the compensation that you deserve in your case. In addition, hiring an attorney will allow you to focus more on your healing, and allow you to have peace of mind that your case is in good hands. You don’t have to worry about guessing at the totals or figuring out complicated paperwork and proceedings. If you have been involved in an accident, let the experts at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys help handle your case and get you the compensation you are owed. 


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