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Personal Injuries: No Laughing Matter

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Personal Injury

It may be April Fool’s Day, but we don’t take personal injuries as a joke. If you have been personally injured, you know how much your life can be impacted. We understand this as well, which is why we are ready and willing to help you fight for the compensation that you deserve. Full and fair compensation can help relieve some of the financial burden of a personal injury, allowing you to focus on resting and healing. 

Personal Injury Attorney

Not all personal injury attorneys are equal. When it comes to picking the right one for you, you want to go with someone who is experienced and qualified. There are many different kinds of personal injury law, including workers compensation, car accident injuries, slip and fall injuries, and more. Not only should your attorney be experienced in general, they should be well versed in the variety of personal injury types as well. 

With many years of experience practicing law in and around Las Vegas, Eric Blank Injury Attorneys have the expertise to handle your case and get you the best possible outcome, regardless of what kind of personal injury you have sustained. 

Kinds of Personal Injuries

As stated above, there are many different kinds of personal injuries that can happen, and many different causes for them. The most common ones that we come across are workers compensation claims, car accident injuries, and slip and fall cases. 

Workers Compensation

If you are injured on the job while working for a Nevada employer, you are covered by Nevada’s workers’ compensation laws. Nevada workers compensation provides financial compensation for lost wages as well as provision for medical care to treat your injuries and recover from what has happened.

If your work injury was the result of someone other than your employer, you may also have the right to pursue a claim against that party for the pain and suffering you were forced to endure as a result of the injury as well as other financial damages that are not directly covered by Nevada workers’ compensation.

Car Accident

Our auto accident attorneys know that a vehicular collision can have an enormous impact on your life. We are sympathetic to your emotional and physical grievances. The auto accident attorneys at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys will investigate all avenues of your claim so you can benefit from full financial recovery. There are countless possibilities when it comes to irresponsible driving that can result in an automobile injury and Eric Blank Injury Attorneys are prepared to support you if you should happen to suffer through any of them.

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall liability cases are those where accidents occur on someone’s property. If the owner of the premises has not followed their legal obligation to provide a safe environment for their guests and visitors, that owner should be subject to a lawsuit. This is often the case with slip and fall injuries. These injuries are preventable and should be taken seriously by the owner of the premises, as severe results can occur. When you are unaware of potential hazards due to inadequate signage, that would be considered a case for a personal injury claim. This includes if the property owner was aware of unsafe conditions and made no effort to warn others of the hazards, make reasonable repairs, or take appropriate action.

Regardless of what kind of personal injury you have experienced, or what may have caused it, Eric Blank Injury Attorneys have the expertise to handle your case. We work hard to get you the compensation that you deserve so that you can focus on healing. Have you been personally injured? Contact us today. 


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