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If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, then Attorney Eric Blank is the one to call. Even though financial compensation will not make you whole again, it can let you rest a little easier during your difficult time. A personal injury due to someone else’s negligence could happen at any given time and leave you and your family in a bind such as expensive medical bills, lost wages, trying to recover physically and emotionally, the impacts alone could be devastating.

Attorney Eric Blank has focused his practice on personal injury and worker’s compensation claims. Before he had decided to open his current practice, he had worked in insurance defense which he had defended insurance companies against claims asserted by plaintiffs. With this experience he had the insight on how insurance companies had evaluated various types of claims and the strategies they had employed to defend them. He has business experience by acting as a general counsel for local NBC and FOX affiliates.

If you have been injured in a personal injury, then you may have a claim. Personal injury lawsuits attempt to recover financial damages from the negligent party from injuries resulting from various actions such as actions or inaction’s or the negligence of one or more individuals or organizations, traffic accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, and workplace accidents. When you end up in an accident that is not of your fault, then it could fall under the legal definition of personal injury. When your claim is being presented in a court of law, then you must prove that the other party was liable and negligent in order to recover damages, which means that they were legally required to exercise a certain level of care, but they had failed to do so, and you were injured in some way.

You can rely on Attorney Eric Blank because he has the knowledge and experience to make sure that he looks at all the angles to maximize your compensation package while making sure that nothing is overlooked in your case. The insurance company may tell you something different because they are trained to give you the impression that they are acting towards your best interest, but your own insurance company does not work to protect your interests when it comes to payout, and that is where Eric Blank Law Firm comes in.

If there is an insurance company or a large business involved in your personal injury claim, there are a few reasons why you will need Attorney Eric Blank in your corner. Without an experienced personal injury attorney like Eric Blank, you will be outmatched by the insurance company’s team of expert attorneys and professionals that all have the same goal, which is to pay as little as possible to injury victims. You can rely on Attorney Eric Blank to fight for you, and get you the compensation you are entitled to.

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