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The holidays are meant to be an enjoyable time of the year, but a personal injury or an accident can ruin this season quickly. When it comes to the holidays, there is much potential for accidents and injuries, from inclement weather while driving, to unsturdy ladders while decorating. Because of the prevalence of holiday-related mishaps, we have created a list of tips to keep you safe through this season and beyond. 

While Cooking

Take Your Time

Mistakes are often made when we try to complete tasks too quickly. To avoid senseless spills and slips, be sure to take a couple of extra seconds to carefully complete the recipe you are working on. Don’t wait until the last minute to begin preparing a meal, causing you to feel rushed. Instead, plan ahead and have plenty of time to cook. 

Wear Proper Protection

Protection in the kitchen includes an apron at all times, and when dealing with hot dishes, using pan holders or gloves. In addition, when mixing liquids or using a blender with anything that may splash, eye protection can also be worn. 

Enlist Help

Often, meal time around the holiday includes several dishes. For one person handling all of the cooking, it can get overwhelming. In order to avoid mistakes made out of a chaotic frenzy, ask some family members to pitch in. After all, the more the merrier! 

While Decorating

Ladder Safety

Christmas lights are a popular decoration around this time of year, and installing them often includes utilizing ladders. When used properly, ladders can be an extremely safe method of reaching new heights. However, when used hastily or improperly, many injuries can occur. When utilizing a ladder, be sure that all of the feet are firmly planted flat on the ground, and have someone hold the ladder for support while it is in use. 

Electrical Issues

Along with Christmas lights and many other decorations, comes a surplus in electrical usage. In order to avoid any issues, ensure that you are not exceeding the maximum wattage amounts, and keep fingers clear of sockets while plugging things in or wiring them. 

While Driving

Keep Calm

Tempers tend to rise during busy times on the roads. Holiday travels are no exception. Be sure to practice extra patience and don’t give in to road rage, as tempting as it may be. 

Take Your Time

With the excess amount of cars and pedestrians along the roads during this time, it is best to slow down and take any excess time you may need in order to get to where you are headed safely. 

There are many precautions that can be taken to remain safe around the holidays. If you do happen to experience an accident or personal injury, contact the experts at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys today.

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