Personal Injury

When it comes to fighting for personal injury or workers compensation rights, no one does it better! The successful Law Offices of Eric Blank, P.C represents clients in personal injury and workers compensation issues. Eric Blank’s winning reputation comes from extending a hearty welcome to all Las Vegas residence and a will, to fight for you when you feel that all hope is gone.

No matter the nature of your case, you can rest assured that Attorney Eric Blank understands that you are having a hard time; he is committed to making the legal process as stress-free as possible. How does he do that exactly? By listening to the nature of your case and guiding you through the entire process, explaining your rights and the options you possibly have clearly, and any alien terms that you may not be familiar with. As well as, keeping you frequently updated on the progress of your case.

Case Types Handled by Eric Blank Law Firm

Eric Blank practices exclusively in the field of personal injury law, to represent injured plaintiffs who are victims of other people’s negligent and wrongful acts. Having worked in insurance for a couple of years, Mr. Blank focuses on protecting clients from victimization from insurance companies and the laid out legal system. Among the variety of legal claims Mr. Blank represents clients for, include:

Automobile, truck, bus and motorcycle accidents

If you find yourself injured due to a reckless driver who doesn’t take the massive responsibility of getting behind the wheel seriously, you are liable to seek legal compensation from them. Though receiving financial compensation will not take the injury away, it can help ease the burden of a loved one or being injured. If you have been injured, it is advisable to seek medical care and professional legal representation as soon as you can.

Premises liability cases/slip and falls

If you or your loved one slips or falls due to property owner’s negligence to maintain safety and repairs, they are subject to a lawsuit. Mr. Blank has helped many clients receive financial compensation for injuries obtained through preventable falls and slips. The financial compensation may not heal the injuries physically but it does help relieve the financial burden of medical care.

Products liability

When a manufacturer or seller is accountable for selling defective or dangerous products to consumers, or breach of warranty, these claims are liable to lawsuits and the victims are subject to rightful compensation.

Wrongful death

Wrongful death cases are quite emotional and financial taxing. When an individual loses his life due to someone else’s negligence a lawsuit is necessary. Mr. Blank is very empathetic and does his best to make the lawsuit as stress-free as possible for the bereaved family and ensure the right compensation to help alleviate the pain.

Medical malpractice

If you incur injury as a result of medical facility negligence, a good attorney may help. Rather than allow yourself to suffer mercilessly in the hands of someone who doesn’t have you best interest at heart. Consult the services of an attorney to get the rightful compensation you deserve.

Mr. Blank is articulate and a great negotiator who devotes his time to utilize his personal injury professional experience to pursue every possible boulevard for maximum recovery and compensation, with his clients wishes at heart. Regardless of your legal issue, you can have a peace of mind knowing you are bound to get exceptional legal representation from Mr. Blank at a free consultation price.

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