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Halloween can be especially dangerous for many major factors. It is meant to be scary, but not when it comes to driving. To ensure that your Halloween is a secure and happy one, be certain you adhere to the tips below!

Halloween is meant to be a holiday that is filled with fun and enjoyment. It is a particularly dangerous night mostly due to the fact that drunk and buzzed individuals often make the choice to get behind the wheel. The ideal way to make certain your Halloween is happy and safe is to be wise and remain sober if you intend on driving.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Unfortunately, fatalities caused by accidents involving alcohol-impaired drivers have gotten so predictable that lots of state highway patrol departments now issue fatality estimates, which normally end up being all too accurate. Tragically, Halloween drunk-driving fatalities are increasing throughout the United States of America.

Be Prepared

Even 1 drink is sufficient enough to impair your judgement. If you are planning on celebrating with alcohol whatsoever, you should find a safe ride home. If you anticipate consuming any quantity of alcohol, make certain you’ve got a safe ride home lined up ahead of time.

Report Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is now a significant safety issue on Halloween throughout the nation. Over the last ten years, drunk driving has led to nearly 113,000 deaths. Drunk drivers also frequently attempt to evade responsibility by switching seats with somebody else in the motor vehicle. If you find a drunk driver on the street, get in touch with your neighborhood law enforcement. If you find a drunk driver on the street, don’t be scared to contact local law enforcement.

If you do come across an unsafe or drunk driver, speak to the local law enforcement agency without delay. You may not be driving drunk, but if you allow others to drive drunk, or you ignore obvious drunk driving elsewhere, you may be contributing indirectly to accidents. 

Drunk driving is far too common, especially around the holidays. Make sure your Halloween is the safest possible, drive sober, get a ride, and report drunk drivers to the authorities. 

If you happen to be involved in a drunk driving accident, contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys today. 

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