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What To Do in a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes for personal injuries. There are a couple of factors that can lead to a slip and fall, and a variety of injuries that can happen as a result. Regardless of the severity and the cause, however, it can be overwhelming to keep track of what your next steps should be. It is hard to stay on top of what you should be doing with your case when you are also trying to heal at the same time. 

Seek Medical Attention

When you have experienced a slip and fall, especially one resulting in an injury, you should first and foremost seek medical attention. Your main priority should be to heal, as your health and wellbeing are of utmost importance. Quite often, medical assistance will be offered to you on the scene of the accident. It is important to not deny this, even if you do not notice an injury immediately. 

Beyond the scene of the accident, it is also crucial to follow up with your doctor or a specialist for full treatment of your injuries. In some circumstances, therapy will also help you regain full health, especially if your injury included and break, sprain, or dislocation. 

Keep Records

Before leaving the scene of the accident, photograph everything as it is. This can be beneficial in proving negligence later on. It is also a good idea to gather contact information and testimonies from witnesses who saw the slip and fall occur. Be sure to hold onto any medical documents as well, such as bills and visit slips. 

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Assign a Value

As with most personal injury cases, for slip and fall accidents, the biggest monetary value considered is the total of medical bills and expenses. This, however, is not the only expense to be considered, as there are other damages that are suffered as well. Loss of motor abilities, loss of control of bodily functions, emotional damages, loss of quality of life, loss of income due to the inability to work, and much more can all be factored into the total value of your compensation claim. 

In addition to medical bills, there may be more costs that come up in regards to your personal injury. It is essential to track these, as well as damages for suffering, in order to receive full compensation for the money your personal injury has caused you.

Obtaining Representation

As you can see, handling a slip and fall accident and injury can be overwhelming, and there are many steps that go into filing a claim. In order to ensure these are done correctly, and increase your chances of getting full and fair compensation, you need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney on your side. Hiring an attorney can allow you to focus completely on healing and will lessen your stress. It can also increase your chances of receiving the compensation that you are owed. Contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys to handle your case today.


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