Premise Liability

Premises Liability cases are those where accidents occur on an others property (or “premises”) and the owner may not have lived up to their legal obligation. Examples of Premises Liability cases include:

  • Slip and Fall accidents on flooring or uneven pavement
  • Trip and Fall accidents due to poorly maintained stairs or obstacles
  • Injuries resulting from objects falling from shelves in retail stores
  • Drowning or injuries at a swimming pool – whether public or private
  • Assault or rape at a hotel, shopping center or parking lot

If someone is injured due to poor maintenance of a property, the existence of a hazardous condition or inadequate security, they can file a premises liability lawsuit.

As a general rule, however, a property owner or manager is not liable for a slip and fall injury just because the injury has occurred on his / her property. Rather, the injured party must prove that owner or manager either created the hazardous condition or should have known of its existence. For this reason, premises liability cases are not always easy to prove.

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