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Tips for Driving in Construction

If you have driven anywhere in Vegas, you have most likely come across construction. In a city that truly never sleeps, with an ever-growing population, and a constant flow of tourists and visitors, there is an incessant need to continue building, expanding, and growing. With this comes the need to re-do roads and traffic patterns, and adapt to a city that is always alive. 

Locals to Las Vegas may be familiar with navigating these ever-changing roads, however if you are from out of town, they may throw you for a loop. This unfamiliarity, as well as the added hazards that driving in construction zones presents, may contribute to higher-than-normal accident rates. In fact, Las Vegas has a car accident rate that is about 17 percent higher than the United States average. 

This statistic is staggering, and we want to keep both locals and tourists alike as safe as possible. To do so, we’ve compiled a list of some of our tips and tricks for driving in Las Vegas construction.

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Speed Limits

As with other places, speed limits within construction zones are reduced both for the safety of workers and drivers. This lowered speed limit helps drivers have more time to focus on the roads and react to any hazards or obstructions that may occur. It is advised (and the law) to abide by these posted speed limits, as they can contribute to preventing potential accidents. 


In construction zones, visibility can be greatly reduced for a number of reasons. If demolition is happening, there can be a tremendous amount of dirt or dust in the air, limiting the distance drivers can see. There can also be obstructions in the road or barriers in place that make it difficult for drivers to see or navigate around. In these circumstances, it is best to advance slowly, and be sure that your focus is solely on the road, in order to help prevent any accidents from happening. 


Traffic already poses a problem in Las Vegas, especially around rush hour, and after hours when everyone is out and about. When construction is added into the picture, this traffic can quickly multiply. If you are traveling anywhere throughout the city, its best to plan on taking some extra time, just in case. 

By following these tips and tricks, your driving experience in Las Vegas should be a good one, even if you run into a construction zone. However, if you happen to be involved in a car accident, contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys to handle your case. 


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