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Las Vegas Hit and Run Attorney

Getting in an accident is frustrating enough, however, it becomes even more difficult to deal with when the driver of the vehicle who caused the accident leaves the scene. Hit and run accidents have become increasingly more frequent in the past decade. This trend is not only dangerous, it is alarming to know that it is a possibility should an accident occur. 

Hit and run accidents can cause serious injuries, and can leave those affected stuck with paying everything themselves. Though it is sometimes possible to receive compensation from the at-fault driver, it is extremely difficult, as identifying them proves challenging and establishing negligence or responsibility is next to impossible. This is why, if you have been involved in a hit and run accident, it is essential that you contact an experienced hit and run or car accident attorney. Here at Eric Blank Injury Attorneys, we have the experience and expertise to get you the compensation that you deserve. 

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Causes of Hit and Run Accidents

You may be wondering why someone would leave the scene of an accident, especially if other people involved may be hurt. There are, however, a handful of reasons that might cause a driver to flee the scene. 

Parked Car

Sometimes, if a driver collides with a parked car and the driver of said vehicle is not present, they will leave the scene without providing their information. Even if information cannot be exchanged directly with the other driver, one can always leave a note with contact info in order to exchange information at a later time. 


If a driver causes an accident while intoxicated, they may feel as if leaving the scene of the accident is a good option, to prevent getting a DUI. 


If the at-fault driver is driving a stolen vehicle, they may choose to hit and run as to avoid being found out. 


It is a requirement for drivers to have insurance. This being said, if one is uninsured or underinsured, and they get into an accident, they may flee in order to avoid fines for not maintaining proper coverage. 

There are serious consequences for drivers who are at fault for hit and run accidents, and serious effects on those who were otherwise involved. If you have experienced a hit and run accident, contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys to handle your case. 


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