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Items to Have on Hand in Case of an Accident

Nobody plans on getting in a car accident when they head out on the road. Its not an experience that anyone enjoys going through, and it may not even cross our minds on a daily basis. However, taking some precautions, and being prepared should you be involved in an accident can help to alleviate some of the headache that comes with it, and may make the entire situation slightly easier to deal with. Here are a few items that may be beneficial to have on hand should you happen to experience a car accident: 

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit comes in handy for obvious reasons. Should an injury occur in a car accident, whether it’s you, one of your passengers, or the other impacted driver, a first aid kit can help minimize the wound and help to keep it controlled until medical assistance arrives. This can help to prevent minor injuries from getting worse, and major injuries from being life threatening. 

Road Flares

If an accident occurs at night, or takes place off the side of the roadway, it may be hard for oncoming drivers or emergency response vehicles to locate your car. By having road flares available to set out, you increase your chances of being located by emergency responders, and you decrease the chances of other drivers hitting your already wrecked car, or you. 

A Fully Charged Phone

It’s essential to make sure that your phone is completely charged when you set out on a drive. By plugging your phone into a car charger each time you drive, you can increase your chances of having a useable mobile device if you are involved in an accident. This phone can be used to contact the authorities, as well as to take down contact information and snap pictures of the scene. 

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A flashlight can be helpful in an accident should it take place at night. Not only can it help you locate items within your wrecked car, it can also help emergency responders find you. Make sure that you keep fresh batteries within this flashlight as well. 

Contact/Identification Information

Keeping a copy of your contact and identification information in your car helps when it comes to exchanging this information with the other driver. In addition, should you happen to lose consciousness in the accident, emergency responders can identify who you are if this information is located within your vehicle. 

By having these items available and accessible in your car can decrease how stressful dealing with car accidents can be. If you are involved in an accident, contact Eric Blank Injury Attorneys for assistance with your case. 


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